Newsletter 2014/15

What we did in 2014:

Converted original filmed media to digital format to publish online.

Presented Peace Games in:

  • Kent Island, MD.
  • Portland, Ore.
  • Maui, Hi.
  • Berkeley, CA.

Zochi Young became the 7th Pushing for Peace Ambassador, after David Wei, Alex Bechtold, Mitch Hall, Sheldon Callahan, Jonath Padilla, and Alissa Ballestrin. Zochi is currently teaching the Peace Games in Africa.

Ongoing in 2015:

Marilyn and Webb created a T’ai Chi Ch’uan, two person form for kids to be taught in after-school programs in Oakland. Zochi learned this form to bring to Africa.

Peace Games and Push Hands workshop was sponsored by Lester Holmes and the Tai Chi Connection, January, 2015.

Pushing for Peace sponsors its annual Maui Qi Fest at the end of June, 2015.




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