Zhao Guohong

Zhao Guohong is a master of spontaneous push hands. Spontaneous push hands is the ultimate goal of t’ai chi ch’uan forms practice– to be able to use the form against all other styles of martial arts. Zhao has a deep understanding of t’ai chi ch’uan in theory and practice and expresses the ideals in his whole way of living. He holds nothing back and is dedicated to truth in action. We are honored that he chooses to comes all the way from Beijing to share his insights and energy and to enjoy Maui with all of us.



Lindsey Wei is a 24th generation practitioner of Wudang Chun Yang Sect of Daoism.  She trained under her Master, Abbot Li Song Feng of the Five Immortals Temple for 10 years in the Wudang mountains of China. She is a master of Wudang Internal Gong Fu, Tai Ji, Ba Gua, Qi Gong, Fan Weaponry and Wudang Sword.  
Wei Shi Fu is the author of  The Valley Spirit —A Female Story of Daoist Cultivation, published by Singing Dragon in 2012. This is an account of her personal journey training in internal martial arts and Daoism under the guidance of an esoteric Daoist Priest at the Five Immortals Temple on White Horse Mountain peak.  

Her Wu Shu training began in 2004 at Beijing’s Capitol Sports University for 2 years.  With a 4 year background in Modern Dance and Choreography she picked up the new martial training quickly.  In 2006 she entered the study of internal Wudang and trained in China for the next 6 years. 

By 2007 she was also immersed in the culture and theory of Daoism, living in a remote Daoist temple with her Master.  In 2008 she began organizing groups of students to train for 1-4 months at a time with her Master Li Song Feng in Wudang and has been leading trips annually ever since.  She is one of the senior instructors and translators there. 

In 2010 she moved to Northern California to start teaching Wudang Gong Fu and Daoism.  She taught adults and children for 3 years at Shugyo Center Cooperative Martial Arts.  She instructed Kung Fu for 2 semesters at Twin Hills Middle School in Sebastopol, as well as an after-school program at BrookHaven School, and a children’s program at Sebastopol Cultural Community Center. 

She currently teaches adult classes at West County Martial Arts and Fitness and in the beautiful outdoor setting of local parks.  Her cross-training includes Burmese Bando (boxing), Brazilian Capoeira, and Parkour Free-running. 

She has performed at many martial arts and wellness events.  So far in 2014, she performed at the 10,000 Victories Kung Fu School Chinese New Year’s Celebration in San Rafael, California as well as the Music and Qi Gong in Healing Conference Zheng Zhou, China, and the Universal Consciousness Festival in Estes Park, Colorado.  
She is married to her husband Luke, Capoeira Instructor, and together they have a 2 year old daughter who is also very passionate about martial arts!      

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