Scott Jensen


In this intensive program for Northern Shaolin, Scott’s assistant Joseph Vignerio will teach Animal Power and Obstacle courses for kids, while Scott teaches Northern Shaolin forms (traditional hand and weapons forms) for adults with a possible addition of Xing Yi Quan. By the end, a student should know well at least one new Northern Shaolin hand form, one weapon, either staff, or sword, and one two person form. You will definitely need your massage after Scott’s workshop!

Scott says, “Northern Shaolin, or Xing Yi Quan Hand Forms first hour, Second hour weapons, esp. Dragon Phoenix sword, Third hour, two person forms. This schedule should allow us to have 8 hours each of hand, weapon and self defense. (if they can still stand!) … basically a full on Shaolin training program for both adults and children.”


To see Scott’s website and background, click here.

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