We are a team of martial artists, health practitioners, students and teachers on a mission to build sustainable bonds of peace all over the world.

Our peace ambassadors facilitate The Peace Games in groups and communities in The United States, Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America.

Experience the joy of group peace building, and make lasting difference in your community.

Grandmaster Marilyn Cooper shares a partner game in Oakland, California. Photo by Larkin Small

The Peace Games

Tai Chi Benefits for Every Individual

The Peace Games began as a youth program and quickly spread into our adult and senior workshops. We discovered students of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels love to play, too.

In just 45 minutes, players show profound results: stress levels go down, focus turns inward & the group’s energy becomes grounded, focused and fun.

Peace Games in Kenya, 2016
Photo courtesy of Alex Bechtold
The Peace Games in Ahero, Kenya. Image courtesy of Alex Bechtold
Peace Games Orinda, California
The Peace Games at The Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu, Maryland

A Non–Competitive Sport

  • Calms the nervous system
  • Improves mobility
  • Enhances creative energy flow
  • Recovery for athletes & performers
  • Strengthens team bonds

The Peace Partnership Project

The Peace Partnership Project harnesses the power of Tai Chi and QiGong energy and applies it to verbal communication.

We’ve partnered with mediation expert John Ford to integrate postive communication into the lively Peace Games playing field.

Strengthen your connection to yourself & others in this 120 minute group course.

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Peace Games in Nepal
Peace Games in Kathmandu, Nepal

25 Years of Peace at Play

Watch this video for a quick history of The Peace Games.

Watch and learn The Peace Games and more fundamentals of Tai Chi & qigong on our free YouTube channel.

The Peace Games Pocket Manual

The Peace Games manual is the your ideal travel companion for individual and group practice. Available in English & Spanish.

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