Pushing for Peace is a global network of peace practitioners, aka peace games ambassadors, working in under resourced communities to foster peace & joy.

Our Peace Games children’s program simplifies Tai Chi, playing with ideas like active listening, empathy and conflict resolution.

The Peace Partnership Project is both cerebral and physical, and explores the concepts behind each Peace Game. Participants learn how to achieve higher states of being, and share their feelings & thoughts in a circle of trust,.

Both programs stimulate Qi flow, build emotional intelligence & fight violence.

Grandmaster Marilyn Cooper, Maui Peace Games
Photo by Sheldon Callahan


Our adults program combines verbal communication with the fundamentals of Tai Chi & Qigong. We use The Empathy Set, 2 decks of vocabulary cards that allow students to express their feelings and emotional needs with positivity, support & acceptance. 

Release physical & emotional stress and strengthen your connection to yourself & others in this 120 minute group course.


The roots of Tai Chi, meditation & kung fu in 9 fun & easy games

Students win with laughter, camaraderie and self-care skills to support wellbeing into adulthood.

Our youth program provides a level playing field for children of all ages and backgrounds. They discover an inner calmness, cultivate greater self-confidence & build empathy.

Peace Games in Kenya, 2016
Photo courtesy of Alex Bechtold
Peace Games in Ahero, Kenya, 2016
Photo courtesy of Alex Bechtold
Peace Games Orinda, California
Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu, Maryland, USA

The Non-Competitive Sport

  • Encourages recovery for athletes & performers
  • Adaptable for students with limited mobility
  • Assists trauma recovery
  • Fosters creativity and team-building

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Peace Games in Nepal
Peace Games in Kathmandu, Nepal

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