On Sunday, September 25th, 2016, 4 to 7:00pm our dedicated supporters joined us at the Monteverde Senior Apartments  in The Community Room for for an afternoon of feasting, live music and kung fu spirit!






APPETIZERS: Thai salad rolls, Purple cauliflower soup, White bean hummus.

tamalesTri-colored Tamales with butternut squash.


SIDE DISHES: Wild rice & mushroom Screen-Shot-2012-04-15-at-Mpilaf, Guacamole, Beans (red, black and brown), various fresh salsas ~ from mild to hot, green to red, Mexican to Asian.

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DESSERTS: Pomegranate Hibiscus Mousse Vegan Cheesecake (by Natalia Barr).


We’ll open our event with a soulful performance of original songs by Marin County jazz-folk duo Cooper & Bounds.

Our guest speaker, Alex Bechtold of Little Creek Kung Fu presented pictures and described his journey to Western Kenya in May where he taught the Peace Games to 3000 school aged youth. The silent auction featured gifts from guests that included original artwork, guest passes to classes, DVDs, CDs, athletic apparel, books and other items. Click on the picture below to experience Alex’s presentation of his Peace Games mission to Ahero, Kenya. PushTurtleMuch appreciation to our list of donors for our Silent Auction and groceries!!!


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Wudang West

 Chi, Wind & Water


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