The Peace Partnership Project

Sifu Marilyn Cooper and mediator/author/conflict negotiator and  Peace Practitioner John Bern Ford have created the Peace Partnership Project for teens and adults. The Peace Partnership Project combines the Peace Games with the John’s creation – The Empathy Set.

Based on Marshall Rosenberg’s work –  non-violent communication (NVC) – The Empathy Set helps individuals identify what they’re feeling and what they need by “showing their hand and putting their cards on the table.”

The Empathy Set is seamlessly interwoven into the Peace Games. Groups large and small from all sectors – administrative, educational, industrial and corporate – can learn to communicate and cooperate with one another for a more harmonious and productive future.

Participants describe what they’re feeling in a circle of trust. The use of talking sticks (handmade in Africa) give participants time to reflect on what they’ve experienced and teach both communication and listening skills. This 120 minute program is recommended for teens and adults, for resolving conflict and within oneself and with others.

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