Pushing for Peace Workshops are for:
•    Children of all ages
•    Understanding what T‘ai Chi means
•    Feeling qi
•    Conflict resolution
•    Creative teamwork and cooperative, higher functioning
•    T’ai Chi teachers who want to launch a children’s program

A workshop can be as short as 30 minutes (recommended for four and five year olds), and as long as three hours (recommended for teacher training and for larger groups). More in-depth workshops for groups of t’ai chi teachers seeking to introduce this program into their schools and communities can be held for a whole week-end, from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

The workshop begins with an explanation of Chinese Taoist philosophy,
made simple enough for a four year old to grasp. Participation from
each student begins with easy, basic questions and answers. “T’ai Chi
originates in the mind.” A thoughtful, reflective tone is set for the
rest of the training.

Next all participants warm up their bodies systematically, from top to
bottom, encouraging the “flow of qi” throughout. Repetitions are cut
by one-third for younger children. They can use up their attention span on
the warm-ups if made too lengthy and can’t concentrate on the games,
which are the core of this training. A workshop for pre-Ks might be as short as forty minutes.

The T’ai Chi Games

  • Operator
  • Turtle Races
  • Follow the Leader, Lead the Follower (eyes open, eyes closed)
  • Sword Fingers
  • Glider
  • YooHoo
  • Traffic Cop, or “Come Here, Go Away
  • Dog Chases its Tail
  • Push the Turtle (Bagua)

All groups who have tried this training report feeling calmer, energized, more
centered and grounded, more in touch with others, and a significant
increase in feelings of well-being and connection.

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