Peace Practitioners/Peace Games Players

There are currently eighteen Pushing for Peace Ambassadors authorized to present the Peace Games. All have been selected for their skill level in playing the Peace Games and their compassion for others. Edwin Okinyi is a Pushing for Peace Player because he shares the Peace Games with students in Ahero, Kenya, but does not yet know Taijiquan for himself. Anyone can play these games!

The level below Peace Games Ambassador is a Peace Games Player. You need no special training for this and can still teach and play the Games with others. Practically everyone can do the T’ai Chi Peace Games, from young to old, strong to weak and everything in-between.  They are a valuable addition to everyone’s personal regime or to a teacher’s curriculum.

Who is a candidate for becoming a Peace Practitioner?

  • You are a T’ai Chi Ch’uan Master/Teacher who wants to learn the Games in order to teach them to other teachers and students.
  • You are a T’ai Chi Ch’uan student interested in a new approach to understanding T’ai Chi Ch’uan for yourself and your future students.
  • You are an educator interested in enriching your current curriculum with the Pushing for Peace program.
  • You are a kung fu practitioner who wants to use your skill level to spread peace.
  • You have a disciplined personal practice such as Qigong, Yoga, meditation, swimming, running, breath work, etc … during which you turn inward and reflect.

Who is a candidate for becoming a Pushing for Peace Player?

  • You want a tool for becoming grounded, centered and balanced to share with others.
  • You are a member of a community that needs a program for conflict resolution.
  • You are a student who wants to learn this program and share it with your classmates.

If you want to create a more peaceful, productive and healthy climate around you, your friends, and family, or if you are interested in experiencing the program for yourself, just contact anyone on the list above with any and all questions about how to push for peace where you live and work.

You could start by directing others to this site. Connecting us with your local youth organizations or teachers is a good place to start. Bringing the program to local youth (although the Games have been very effective at, for example, a rehab center for returning adult vets with PTSD and substance abuse) is the goal. On the grand scale of things, playing these Games with underserved communities has the potential to avert future acts of violence and exploitation because they generate positive, life-force energy and the ideals of being centered, grounded, compassionate and relaxed.

Please fill out the form below or just contact anyone from the above list. We will contact  you within a few days. If one Ambassador is out of the country or your region, contact another or contact me.

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