About Pushing for Peace & the Peace Partnership Project

Pushing for Peace was developed  Master Marilyn Cooper in 1999 to combat youth violence and keep students healthy. Originally practiced for three years by third through fifth graders, it has since been taught to teens, adults, and other T’ai Chi teachers. Pushing for Peace is fun, easy, healthy and makes everyone feel good.

Contact us or see how you can become a  Peace Practitioner who can present this program. 

The Peace Partnership Project combines the Peace Games with the Empathy Set program developed by Peace Practitioner and conflict negotiator John Bern Ford. Based on Marshall Rosenberg’s work –  non-violent communication (NVC) – JBF’s Empathy Set helps individuals identify what they’re feeling and what they need by “showing their hand and putting their cards on the table.” This Empathy Set is seamlessly interwoven into the Peace Games. Participants describe what they’re feeling in a circle of trust. John’s use of talking sticks (handmade in Africa) give participants time to reflect on what they’ve experienced and teach both communication and listening skills. This program is recommended for teens and adults. 

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