Operator1What is the Pushing for Peace Program?

Pushing for Peace is a program that teaches T’ai Chi movements and philosophy to prevent violence and increase mental and physical health.

Practicing T’ai Chi causes a significant shift away from the bully/victim paradigm, and towards a mutually beneficial exchange. It provides an opportunity to play on a level playing field, a safe space where there are no winners and no losers, and everybody gains.

Kids playing some of the Pushing for Peace Games

Pushing for Peace Workshops are for:

  • Children of all ages
  • Differently-abled people with special needs
  • Veterans with PTSD
  • Healing from substance abuse
  • Understanding the meaning of  T‘ai Chi
  • Feeling Qi
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creative teamwork
  • T’ai Chi teachers who want to launch a children’s program
  • Creating inner focus
  • Stimulating creativity for the performing and fine artist
  • Reducing stress and lowering blood pressure


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