What is the Pushing for Peace Program? Pushing for Peace is a program that teaches T’ai Chi movements and philosophy to prevent violence and increase mental and physical health.

The hands-on Pushing for Peace experience consists of a one hour presentation of a progressive series of 9 solo, partnered and group games that make players feel centered, grounded, compassionate and relaxed. First the mind is cleared, when played in order from one to 9. The Games advance towards a crescendo, becoming more physical and focused with “Sword Fingers.” They culminate in a whole group game, called Push the Turtle” that requires sensitivity and generates cooperation. Students retain the somatic message of each game, from relaxation to focus to cooperation.

The snake and crane depicted on the booklet-cover represent the creation myth of Tai Chi. During the 12th century Shaolin monk Zhang Sanfeng observed a fight between a snake and a crane on which he based his exercises.Famed artist Stanley Mouse created this whimsical cover illustration, which represents the evolution of Kung Fu into Tai Chi and the transition from our animal natures towards peaceful and joyful coexistence.

For centuries, these ancient forms have been handed down from Master to disciple in Chinese villages and temples. The name of “T’ai Chi Ch’uan” was applied to the 18th century fighter Yang Luchan’s form, based on the insights of a writer who observed his uniquely balanced and deferential fighting style.

Click on the link below to see a short video showing several of the 9 Peace Games. “Operator” is first. Then we do “Lead the Follower, Follow the Leader,” followed by “Turtle Races” and finally “Sword Fingers.” https://youtu.be/1y6snpLd8aM 

The minimum donation for one Peace Games manual is $25.00, with $5.00 for shipping. For outside the continental USA, check the shipping rates from Orinda, California to your region and include that amount. Your donation supports our Peace Games missions all over the world and are tax-deductible. Donations may be made to send Peace Games manuals to underserved students, from Kenya to Nepal to Chicago to Baltimore to Oakland to Paris, etc …


Practicing T’ai Chi causes a significant shift away from the bully/victim paradigm, and towards a mutually beneficial exchange. It provides an opportunity to play on a level playing field, a safe space where there are no winners and no losers, and everybody gains.

Pushing for Peace Workshops are for:

  • Children of all ages
  • At-risk populations- refugees, under-served communities, regions in conflict
  • Differently-abled people with special needs
  • Veterans with PTSD
  • Healing from substance abuse
  • Understanding the meaning of  T‘ai Chi
  • Feeling Qi
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creative teamwork
  • T’ai Chi teachers who want to launch a children’s program
  • Creating inner focus
  • Stimulating creativity for the performing and fine artist
  • Reducing stress and lowering blood pressure


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